So little to do, So much time….No,Strike that- Reverse It!!!

Ever so near to Officially Launching The Sisters Brimm, here on WordPress and Beyond!

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Steamers Of The West Unite! Up-Coming SteamPunk Event In So.Cal

My Husband and I are currently Planning an Event for Mid Or Late August in the area of Orange County. We’ve been hard at work organizing and just jumped some major hurdles @ our proposed  Event Location.

To help us bring the best Event Possible to our SteamPunk Community We ask your Help in taking this short , 5 question Survey:

If you would like more info please E-mail me @

You can also follow Me on Twitter @!/MsPAllworthey

Or FaceBook @!/profile.php?id=100000661752129&sk=wall

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2 birdies fly the coop & things to be treasured!

Two beautiful pieces of SteamPunk Jewlery Flew the Etsy Coop and are now on their Way to London!

Although I hate to see such objects of Beauty fly from the Nest, it’s wonderful to set them off into the world!

Steampunk cameo-

Steampunk Locket charm

With some pieces leaving it’s now time to Treasure what is still here.

Dr.Brassy Treasures the Vintage Clockwork Hair Bobby in one of their brilliant Treasuries on Etsy!

Vintage Clocwork Hair Bobby

Available on Etsy

New pieces are being created so stop by the Etsy Shop to see& purchase before they Depart!

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PrudenceAllworthey now on Twitter!

finally have twitter up and running…tweet tweet!

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Greetings to all.

This Blog will serve as a way to share my daily thoughts and findings. It is in short the ramblings of a witty Victorian.

Secretary, friend, creator/inventor,steamstress (Lady who loves all things powered by Steam) and all around Lovely Person to know.

While taking care of this Manor House I find so many interesting artifacts, curious objects and handmade treasures. I simply never know what or who will show up at my Desk next!

I often post these curious findings and handmade treasures on what you call : Etsy. A fine place indeed filled with charming trinkets!  The Manor House would be filled top to bottom if I didn’t offer to sell these wonders for Mr. Pettigrew. Huff and puff as he may, acquired and crafted treasures can turn a pretty profit in the right hands.

I will also use this ” Blog” to announce  Any  of Mr. Pettigrew’s Events such as the Mechanical Mask and Steamers’ Convention.

I must return to my Desk for the time being .


Prudence Allworthey

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This Just In……

In attempts to help the economic situation,(and tidy up around this desk!) I will now announce that Each Tuesday shall be hence forth proclaimed

Tighten Your Belt Tuesday. Take a stand against inflation and demand more for less of your dollar!

at My Etsy shop every Tuesday you will save 15% on any item.

Shhhhhhhh…….just don’t tell Mr. Pettigrew 😉

use coupon code: Tight10yerbelt2sda


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